Day 187: buy software

Today was a shit day. Nothing happened, I just felt sad all day. Sometimes your own mind is the worst place to be. I had some crying breakdowns today, once at work. High five to lunch hour meltdowns! This might very well sounds pitiful but the people who got my out of my funk were people on the interwebs that I don’t even know. I don’t feel great, but I’m watching Netflix which is better than my original plan of curling up in a ball and sleeping.

This has nothing to do with software of course. When I bought my new laptop several months ago I also bought one of those USB plug in external hard drives that is supposed to transfer everything. Well I’m shit at computers and it didn’t transfer a lot of things including Microsoft office. Last week I tried to download a temporary free office and it didn’t work which meant a lot of extra work with my resume and paper I tried to write. And so for the first time ever, I bought Microsoft office because I have no one to give me free software anymore. No more pirates. Arrrrrhghhh. After buying office guess what? That fucker wouldn’t install for me. I had to talk to Emil P who tried fruitlessly to help. He had to remote into my desktop and it still took him over half an hour to sort out whatever mess had been created. I think I need an assistant. I will be accepting applicants for said position which pays in high fives and smiles.

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