Day 188: Join the instagram

Well, today was a much better day than yesterday. I wore my second most assy dress to ensure an ego boost on my walk to work and I bought a Pepsi for breakfast. I always seem to have good days when I drink Pepsi. I wonder if they slip in some kind of anti-depressants in there. I should start charting Pepsi vs. non-Pepsi days, maybe put all that data in a graph or charts to make it all come to life. Oooh, I’ll use the Pepsi red and blue.

My tattoo is at the scabby peely phase and it’s taking every ounce of self-control I have to avoid picking at it.

So I decided today that almost four years after it was introduced to the world, I would start instagramming.   Can I use it as a verb?  I know virtually nothing about it and so I have a grand total of ONE picture on there that I took today.  I’m not really sure how many you’re supposed to publish.  If I put five up a day would that be annoying and too much?  Is one too little and boring?  All questions I will need to answer.  I have zero followers and am following zero people so I’m going to need to get on there and do a little nosing around. Here’s me.  Have fun viewing my one pictures until I figure out what the hell I’m doing:

Have you heard Bastille ft. Ella – No Angels (TLC vs the XX)?  Bastille- GOOD.  Ella Eyre – GOOD.  the XX – GOOD, TLC – fun lyrics.  All together an amazing track.

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