Day 189: Read the cards of my destiny

This morning on my way to work I walked by a guy who was clearly tripping balls so I stopped to ask him if he was okay.  It seemed like he didn’t hear me so I asked him again and based on his reaction to me he probably looked at me and saw something like this: 


Since he was terrified of me and didn’t seem to be in any imminent danger I left him alone to continue petting the mailboxes.

Today I learned about reading my destiny cards to review past and future experiences. The person who sits beside me is very into healing, psychics, signs, ghosts etc. and although I’m not convinced that it’s true I am definitely interested in it.  The cards of destiny are based on a basic set of playing cards and your readings are done using your birthday, age and current date. My birthday card is the two of clubs and the gist of it is that I am in constant conflict with myself about my desire to be alone or to be with others and I am apparently supposed to learn to be honest with myself about what I really want.  As of yesterday I have entered the period of Uranus.  I had forgotten which page of the book led to that so I shouted over my wall ” Hey Anne*, how did I figure out that I entered Uranus again?” In retrospect not something you should shout over a wall.  If scientists can demote Pluto as a planet surely they have the power to rename Uranus.  Seriously? Uranus?!  C’mon science! My card for this next period of the year was actually quite negative, aren’t they always supposed to be positive?!  I’ll show you book! 

On my way home it was a lovely summer walk with blue skies and no wind and then out of nowhere as though I stepped on a ginormous fan, my dress blew straight up exposing all sides of me from the waist down. My inner girl was instinctively released and I screamed a bit as I pulled it all down.I had my music on and I didn’t turn around so I have no idea who I exposed myself to.  Luckily I had on my cute chartreuse panties but I think I had a serious case of hungry bum going on. You are welcome King Street West! 

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