Day 190: write a letter you probably shouldn’t have

This is yesterday’s post because I fell asleep early last night. 7pm early. I woke up this morning after a mad dream about zombies and thought, shit, you just killed a lot of zombies. It gets exhausting I really don’t know how the people in the walking dead do it. I guess it’s a workout of its own and you become accustomed to it.

Anyhooo. The letter. So yesterday I called a methadone clinic about a new charge they were doing for client notes for clients in receipt of social assistance. I just wanted to confirm it and their policy. What I got was a lady saying “we would rather them give us $15 for a note than what they would spend it on”. My response was “you mean food? You would rather them give you money instead of spending it on food?”. Her. ” they don’t spend it on food.” In my head: ” you fucking judgmental cunt!” Out loud: ” excuse me?!” The conversation didn’t get any better and her assumptions that all people on social assistance going to methadone clinics were spending their money on drugs infuriated me. I was very angry. Instead of waiting I instead drafted a letter to her manager and to the head office to express my concerns. I did not ask permission from my superiors to do so on company letterhead.

I wrote a five paragraph letter to send. Here is an excerpt from paragraph four.

“Policies and attitudes based on personal judgement and assumptions are unethical and unacceptable in the social service industry. A social service industry is in the business of supporting and assisting clients, not instilling hardships based on out own beliefs and values. The very concept of methadone is that of a harm reduction model. Charging someone money for a medical note purposely because someone believes that they have the right to dictate how that individual spends their money contrasts the very core foundation of social services.”

If I had asked my superiors would I have received their support and permission? I doubt it. Sometimes it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. I have to receive a response. It will either disappear or become a shitstorm.

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