Day 194: Go jogging

Today is day one of my week off and I woke up promptly at 7am for no reason other than I guess I thought it was time to get up.  My brain has been a real pain in the ass these last couple of days and keeps thinking non stop.  It’s very stubborn and ignores me completely when I tell it to shut the hell up so I thought that if I went jogging it would have nothing left to think about but breathing. It did work quite well for a short time. I stopped at the outdoor workout stations around the park track until I saw a tiny Asian lady who was at least 100 years old climb onto the cross air walker.  I held my breath a little as she shakily pulled herself up.  It didn’t want to be responsible for her so I ran away. 

My goals for my vacation include daily masturbation and a nap.  Actually, that’s all it includes.  

I’m wet and fresh with lady sweat from my jog so a shower is in order followed by a walk to the farmer’s market. 

Please enjoy today’s song of the day: I die a little inside every time I watch it. I don’t know why I do things like that to myself.


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