Day 194: Attend an MLS match

For those unawares, MLS is Million legion sacrafice….. that’s a bit of a lie.  It’s Major League Soccer, and yesterday was my first ever soccer match played by someone over the age of 5. The team was very well supported with most people wearing the team colours and clothes.  The fans are much more entertaining than any other sport I’ve ever been to with their songs and cheers.  There was an English man a few rows behind me who was very funny which made the whole experience that much better.  I wonder if I was English if I would still find the English men funny.  Probably not.

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Out for a bro skip 🙂



An online dating site update:  Yesterday I managed to briefly go online without crying.  Success!  In two days of and one day of Plenty of Fish I have been contacted by approximately 40 men in some way or another. I really don’t know how people have time for this shit…. seriously I have Netflix to watch and naps to have. 

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