Day 197: go to a comicon

My first comicon/indie gamingcon was a relatively small scale three day one that is open until 4am, Wowza. I knew it would be a T & A fest so I wore my shortest dress which is a butterfly flutter away from showing my ass creases. I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable in it. It was a feast for the eyes with cosplay everywhere and some amazing artists. It could have been made better with booze though, although that can probably be said for life as a whole.

This guy’s “costume” was him in his underwear. My phone won’t let me upload the pic though so you’ll just have to trust me.


I found this furry thing laying in a hallway. I think it’s tired.



There are more pictures but my phone has a mind of it’s own and doesn’t feel like working with me today. I still love you dinosaur age iPhone.

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