August 2, 2014: Make art for someone else

I like to do art, it makes me happy.  I don’t profess to actually be any good at it but since I enjoy it I don’t really care.  My walls are covered in things i’ve drawn or photos I’ve taken and because they’re my walls and other people’s opinions do not matter to me.

Because I’m self conscious about it I don’t make things for other people.  The only art I’ve made and given to someone was things for my children’s rooms when they were born and one lino block print I made for my parents.  I worry that if I was to give something to someone as a gift they wouldn’t want it or wouldn’t like it. 

I mentioned the other day to a friend that I was running out of walls to put all the things I made so he asked me to make him something.  If someone asks me of course I can’t refuse that so here is what I did.

I used a photo that I took in New York City in 2013 of a graffiti wall in lower Manhattan. Here is the original picture:027

Here is the ever so slightly edited version of it:


I took that picture to Staples where I have had other photos printed on a large scale on regular paper before but this time around they refused to do it for me saying that the ink drop would use too much ink and break their machines. *cough* bullshit *cough*.  I went to UPS and they did it for me.  I did a B & W version  which ended up being 17.5″x 36″. I used my prismacolor markers to colour it all in.  One day I hope I can afford more than the 48 set so I can have a closer range of colours for shading, but for now these will do.  They’re pretty awesome. I had to cut a lot of the piece off because obviously 17.5 x 36 is not a standard frame.  Here is the final version.  I think he liked it. I hope he liked it.


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