August 3, 2014: Mushroom Madness!!!!!!

I went on a hike today and although there was no lack of beautiful things to see, I became very interested in mushrooms and spent most of my time searching for them.  In order to get the shots I wanted my pants became covered in pitch fork weeds and I now  have mosquito bites on much of my body. Worth it right?  Here is my mushroom/lichen/moss gallery with edits only to the levels not the colours. God I wish I had a macro lens for my camera. 

mushroom 1

mushroom 2

mushroom 3

mushroom 4

mushroom 5

mushroom 6

mushroom 7mushroom 8mushroom 9mushroom 10mushroom 11mushroom 12mushroom 13mushroom 14mushroom 15mushroom 16mushroom 17mushroom 18

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