August I don’t even know what day

How do you stop loving someone? How do you see them walk out the door forever and just be okay? I’ve begged and pleaded but when someone doesn’t love you anymore there’s not really anything they can say to make it better. You make a complete pathetic fool of yourself but you’re so desperate that you don’t even care. It’s pretty fucking shitty when someone doesn’t love you back. I don’t know how people survive it. Obviously people do, millions before me have been heartbroken and have made it out, maybe they’re even happy now. I wish they would pass along their survival tips. There should be a manual.

As of 15 minutes ago I am now in charge of killing all the creepy crawlies in the house, chasing and removing half dead cat tortured mice, cleaning gutters, mowing lawns and changing the faucets in the bathrooms. I don’t know a fucking thing about plumbing, I don’t even know where the water shut off valve is. That should make for a fun blog entry. I want desperately to be like this:

But unfortunately I’m more like this:


The reality is I need to man the fuck up and fast because having young children be the ones providing comfort is not okay. It’s time to start the super mom show, starring me!!

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