August 10, 2014: Visit a turkey farm

Yesterday’s post, writing a day behind because I was siiiiick yesterday.  Summer cold you may fuck yourself.

Who’s getting sick of all my posts being about how sad, pathetic and crazy I am?!  Anyone?  There’s a whole big wide world of awesome out there being missed out upon while I wallow.  It’s much easier for me to say this now of course as my spouse happens to have returned on the 9th wearing his wedding ring and a silly grin.  He’s back at home and we’re working our way back to fabulous.

With that said, I still have work to do both on my marriage and on my own mental health.  Depression and anxiety can be intensified by certain situations however it doesn’t just disappear when things are going well.  Robin Williams’ suicide today is a reminder that depression can effect anyone regardless of how seemingly good your life is.  Many people struggle silently and are able to put on a good show for others to appear that they’re well. 

This is my new jam, dedicated to all the crazy people out there:

I went to visit the country home of a friend of a friend yesterday.  It would be nice if I could say I was going to be social and meet new people, but the purpose of our visit was to see his turkeys. Calling it a turkey farm is a bit of an overstatement as farms now are mass businesses of torture and horror.  This man and his family have a large home with lots of property and they just so happen to be raising 19 turkeys.  The turkeys are free to wander around as they please, go to the creek for a drink or nap in the shade under the large trees.  The only time they are locked up is at night to keep the wilderness creatures from eating them.  Two months ago these turkeys were soft fluffy little chicks and now they are ugly dirty things with scrotum chins.  There is no question that they are ugly but they are very silly and fun to watch. 

Here is the welcoming committee when I opened my car door.


The newest addition to the family….. it’s a good thing he’s already brown.


The flock giving the new people the stare down.


Tiny chocolate terror:


Imagine this being your yard?!


This is what a tired turkey looks like:


This is what a turkey looks like when it’s angry from being chased and picked up.  I picked one up but didn’t have it firmly and it’s wing hit me in the head.  It really hurt actually and i had a wee headache for about an hour.  I would make a terrible farmer. 


And finally, this is what a turkey looks like when you make kissy noises at it to get it to look at you:

turkey crop

These turkeys will double their size in a couple of months and will end up as many dinners. As a vegetarian I  don’t eat turkeys however for those who do, I have much more respect if you eat ones that have been raised in an environmentally conscious and ethical manner. These turkeys are living the good life…. until they get their heads chopped off by the butcher down the road of course. 

To end things off for tonight let’s talk about Facebook messenger.  Facebook has been alerting me for awhile now to “upgrade” to messenger but I’ve avoided doing so. Facebook likes you to think you have a choice by clicking “not now” but we all know they’re going to force their shit upon us eventually. That day arrived for me. I had a message and they refused to let me read it until I upgraded.  I did what they told me to of course because i wanted to read that message.  Well guess what?!  Facebook messenger is a whole other fucking app!!!!!!!  They created a new app to provide you exactly same thing that they provided in the facebook app.   Mark Zuckerberg, you and your Department of Redundancy Department can suck a BIG GIANT HERPES DICK. 

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