August 12, 2014: start to grow a nectarine tree

Well, I have become of a certain age where I find enjoyment in gardening and starting my own plants. I have a couple of friends who are currently growing avocado trees from seed. I know this because I am of the age where not only do I do things like this but I talk about them with my friends. I’m not embarrassed.

The first step to growing a nectarine tree is to eat a delicious locally grown (if your tree is to live outside it needs to be hardy to your zone) nectarine and clean the pit well. Let it dry out in a window-sill for a few days. Here’s mine.


I always thought that the pit was the seed but no, it’s not. Thank you internet! The seeds are actually inside the pit. You have to crack open the pit gently with a nut cracker. The seeds look like an almond.


One seed? Acting!!! There are two.


Okay, so the next part is a little boring. Now I have to trick the seeds into thinking it’s winter so they are in a dry, dark place in the fridge for the next three months before I can plant them.


after I plant them it takes three to five years before the tree will bear fruit. Nectarines don’t require cross pollinators so one tree is sufficient. Godspeed little seeds.

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