August 13, 2014: get rid of shit and hold a hedgehog

Over the five years of living at this house (minus my 10 month apartment stint) a lot of junk has amassed. Since I have time off work to get myself better I’ve been wanting to use it as productively and helpfully as possible. I can tell I’m getting a little better each and every day. I know my friends can tell I’m feeling better too because they don’t check in as frequently as they did a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think people are scared or worried for me anymore which is good.

The last three days I’ve been working on ridding the house of all the junk. I rented a bin, and not a small bin either. What junk you ask? Well things like broken doors from when my house was robbed a few years ago, and an ikea lounger that has moved with us through our last three houses and has been peed on more times than I can count by my son who thankfully is now old enough and no longer pees on things. Also about five area rugs that were sentenced to life in the basement due to being peed on by the dog and barfed on by the cats more times than any carpet should have to endure. A dollhouse that my daughter used for her finger painting years ago (we called her poocasso), three broken vacuums…. I could go on but anyway, a lot of shit. Things that cannot go out with the weekly garbage so they just collect. Our basement is not finished, it’s storage only but at least it’s really storage now and not a dumping ground. I’ve found the whole process to be rather therapeutic and satisfying. It’s hard to have a clear and healthy mind when you’re surrounded by clutter. It’s going to be such a release when they come and pick up this bin tomorrow.


I even cleaned my way over to the bathroom in the basement. We obviously don’t use it and I prefer to avoid that area of the basement altogether so I can pretend it doesn’t exist. But now that all the junk is gone, there it is in all it’s ninja turtle curtains glory.

There is literally going to be a ton of shit. A shit ton even. Tonight I’m having a fire to burn all the confidential documents found in the basement that are no longer needed. Burning is the new shredding.

On a cuter note, I held my first hedgehog today. She was cuddly and ridiculously adorable. I wanted to take her home with me and now I want one. Look at that little nose. LOOK AT IT!


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