August 15, 2014: buy a shit ton of magazines

I like magazines. I like them a lot. I know they’re not Eco friendly and I know I could find all the same stuff online for free but I can’t help what I like. I’m a visual and tactile person and I will always choose paper over excel, books over e-readers and magazines over whatever their online equivalent is.

Here is today’s haul:


I think you can really tell a lot about a person by the magazines they read. At least I think my magazine selections say a lot about me anyway. I used to have several magazine subscriptions but I haven’t had any in years. As an adult, magazines are some of the best mail you will ever get. You never know exactly what day they will arrive and sometimes you completely forget about them. It’s a gift you buy for yourself and it pays you 12 tiny bursts of happiness. Since I no longer have any subscriptions my happy bursts don’t happen and so today was a magazine orgasm. And they came in at under $100. Yessss!

Nothing to do with magazines but I made myself something for my bedroom today using tissue paper and water. Pretty right?


In the last two days I’ve been called a control freak, selfish shopper and magazine whore (ok it was something about magazine hoard, I heard what I wanted to) control freak? Me? Maybe, but still, how very dare you!

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