August 16, 2014: complete one of those online customer service questionnaire thingys

I went to the Home Depot earlier this week and had a terrible experience in one department but a great experience with the cashier. The cashier was so great that I complimented her on her work. She said thank you, and would I give that information on the online survey? You know the ones with all the info on the bottom of the receipt that if you fill out you will be entered in a gift card draw? Of course you do. I told her I would and being a woman of my word (for the most part) I filled out the survey tonight. My iphone4 dinosaurusrex did not translate their mobile site well and I ended up having to go on a real computer. I was sure to give them that feedback too. Before I could start I had to answer a math question. I was annoyed but then saw the question and thought, that’s easy no big deal.

Well I got that fucker wrong and had to try again. It took me longer than it should have to realize that the last number was actually an 8 and not the 6 that for some reason my brain said it was. Is that a thing? To see numbers wrong? I should google it, I probably have a brain disease. Anyway, I gave them what I believe to be very valuable feedback including my hopes that the chipmunk I saw in seasonal should be humanely caught and released into a forest. If I don’t win that $3,000 gift card I’m going to be displeased.

Aside from the math, good day today. I double booked my social engagements for today so I got my fill of interactions for the week. Afternoon at the pub with boyfriends and night with girlfriends doing a potluck AND I managed to squeeze in a nap in between! Tomorrow I am going to pretend I lost my voice so I don’t have to talk to anyone.

Read on the bathroom wall in the pub: a fart is the lonesome cry of an imprisoned turd.

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