August 23,2014: play a drinking game, alone…. In the afternoon

I’m pretty sure this will be the most awesome thing I have ever done. Drink: check.

Make a paper mustache and tape to the tv :check


Now I start watching Netflix and every time the mustache lines up with a face I drink. Fantastic pictures to be added as available of said mustache/face lineup
Literally no one will ever get drunk playing this game. I think I need to centralize my mustache.


So fucking close:

A hitler mustache would be wrong right?


I may consider taking this up a notch to double ‘stache
Update: the double ‘stache is hard. Actually if I’m honest, I’m just drinking anyway. The mustache is just an added bonus.
Look what I found in the backyard? Some four legged bastard has been stealing from the garden!!!!!

I just realized I haven’t got the bill yet for my mandatory ambulance ride last month. Was it last month? I forget. They nght have sent it to the address that I moved from. I wonder if you don’t pay those if they go to collection? Surely not.

Well, it’s official. Double mustache doesn’t work. Don’t do it. Just get drunk, watch Netflix and order pizza like a normal person.

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