August 24, 2014: Visit a Donkey Sanctuary

i had no idea that there were so many donkeys that were in need of sanctuary but apparently there are. People purchase donkeys as guard animals (who knew?!) for their property and when the donkeys fail to guard the properties as expected they are physically abused.  Plus some people are just assholes and abuse their animals regardless of what they were intended for. There are a small number of donkeys that were not abused but were submitted to the sanctuary because their owners could no longer care for the. 

The greeter:

donkey nose


Most of the donkeys were very friendly, but some were still shy and not trusting of humans even years after they had been taken out of their abusive homes. 


Since you can’t see my face, here are a couple of me and my donkey besties….

donkey pets donkey me

They had some mules too (half horse/half donkey). Once you go black………..

once you go black.....

I’ve decided I want to live on a farm and spend my days hugging animals. 

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