August 25, 2014: leave a Facebook group I enjoy

Today was my first day back to work since my trip to crazy town last month. I had terrifying dreams last night, began my morning with an Ativan to calm me down and ended my workday with a glass of wine.

The day itself wasn’t particularly bad really, but for me who likes being organized, being off work is almost as bad as being at work because you miss out on so much. Countless emails and pending appointments, groups and events. I dislike not feeling in control and knowledgeable. I also realized today that I had zero interest in speaking with my clients which is rather a pity since it’s my job and all. I should really look into that career of hugging farm animals. Professional hugger. That could be me. Think of all the plaid button up shirts I could buy.

My return home from work brought dishes, a back to school shoe shopping trip to the mall and a shave of my sons head in efforts to eliminate what I believe to be lice. Once that was sorted I hopped on my Facebook and saw a feed filled with depressed imgurians seeking support. I love browsing imgur and had been enjoying a group of 4,000ish like minded people until the groups became about 50% funny and 50% severely depressed and suicidal members seeking support. One might think Id be a bit more sympathetic to such things and I am but the truth is it’s exhausting. Caring is hard and tiring work and I’m exhausted enough already. Everything I do is exhausting and sometimes you have to look out for yourself. And so I chose to leave a group of nice people that needed help because I’m just too tired to help.

My only saving grace for the evening was the three episodes of the inbetweeners I watched. That show can make me laugh more than anything else right now. North American tv should really learn from the English. They are fucking funny. Bollocks. Wanker. Piss.

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