August 28, 2014: visit an organic historical garden

If you’ve begun reading this after what I deem to be a very dull subject line, thank you and well done.

Today I went on a tour of a very large garden created to be historically accurate to around 1850. The purpose of the tour was to gain some knowledge about heirloom local plants to better inform our community rooftop garden for next years season. We were extremely fortunate that our historic interpreter for the tour just so happens to be the lead on several well known community gardens in the city so I was able to gain a valuable networking opportunity.

The garden was absolutely beautiful and made me wish I had a much larger piece of land around my house. Oh the things I would do! Despite my
Thought that I am slightly more horticulturally savvy than the average person I learned a lot of new things. Here are some lovely gardens pics




Unfortunately one of my clients arrived for the tour under the influence and did a hard leaning stumble to the right followed by a hard leaning stumble to the left and in a horrific slow motion straight bodied fall landed right on top of an organic heirloom patch of cabbage. Aside from that, great tour.

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