August 29, 2014: ride the Spanish aero car over the Niagara river

I’ve been to Niagara Falls before but in my travels I’ve never been on the aero car that is suspended 255 feet in the air and runs over the whirlpool that is down river from the falls. The truth is I’ve actually always been quite scared of the idea. Even though to my knowledge there have never been any accidents it’s just never seemed very safe. After all it was built in 1916. Here is the car at the far end of the cable. You can thank my idinophone4 for the not so great pics.


Faithful readers will recall that I am terrified of flying but I wasn’t nervous to ride this at all.

Maybe I wasn’t scared because I thought that if the cable was to break I still had a chance at survival. This leads me to believe that I’m not actually afraid of heights, I’m afraid of death.




It was quite impressive and beautiful, plus I didn’t die so it was a trifecta of awesome.


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