August 31, 2014: Try a natural anti-depressant

Back on March 30th (Day 87) I tried yogurt for the first time. I tried it because I had read that probiotics were helpful in treating depression and anxiety.  Unfortunately I hate yogurt so that treatment didn’t work for me. Since then I have seen several more articles in the news about scientists connecting gut bacteria with a person’s mood and mental health. Reading people’s success stories and seeing increased publicity for the research makes it hard for me to question the validity and has encouraged me to try again. There is absolutely no way I can eat yogurt so I went to a pharmacist to ask if I could get probiotics in a pill format.  She actually laughed at me when I was talking about the connection between probiotics and depression and anxiety and told me that they don’t sell probiotics in pill format. Rather than feeling insulted at being laughed at I questioned he motivation for that response.  As a pharmacist her job is to make people better with drugs.  The thought of someone getting better without drugs is probably incomprehensible and possibly even intimidating. Pharmaceuticals are big business for many people after all. 

As it turns out if I had looked myself instead of asking I would have seen that they do actually sell probiotics in a pill format just 30 feet away from the pharmacy counter.  I should have grabbed a big handfull of bottles and yelled “suck it bitch!”. 

The pills themselves are quite large and I’m hopeful that I will notice a difference. 

In other depression news I read an article today about a new anti-depressant that is not yet available for all in the market.  It sounds very promising and also gives an accurate glimpse into what depression feels like for those who don’t experience or understand it.

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