September 4, 2014: speak to a high up political figure

I was honored to be selected to represent our work program for a political tour today. For Canadians and Brits, it was the equivalent of a minister and to Americans the equivalent of a governor. It was a bit of a whirlwind tour and I only had about five minutes. We met at our community garden and I spoke about that program as well as a few others we offer. I discussed the purpose and benefits of the programs and even managed to slip in a bit about about our proposal for a social impact bond to the ministry of economics. At that I noticed One of the three secret agent looking men in suits taking notes. That’s got to be good right? I received in person feedback from our director and general manager afterwards that I had done well and that said political figure had been very impressed. Oh, and of course I gave this person my business card for any follow up questions they had. Because who in their right mind would pass up that networking opportunity?!

It’s funny that up until I was about 25ish, public speaking was one of my worst nightmares. Now I don’t give it a second thought and actually enjoy it. That’s a weird thing for an anxious person to enjoy. Here are some pics of our community garden progress. We started late in the year but luckily it’s still very hot so everything is continuing to grow.




Last night while I spent time in solitude I came up with what I believe to be an award winning idea for the treatment of depression. It stems from the snoezelen room. For those not familiar, it is a multisensory room used for therapy of various ailments such as dementia, brain injury and autism. In my days of working in the private sector I was trained in this treatment. I digress, so for people with depression there should be a large apartment type space for treatment. One room would contain the happiest tail waggingist dogs you’ve ever seen. You walk into that room and you’re just surrounded by non-judgemental love. One room would have a constant rain of glitter with spotlights and cheering to make you feel like a fucking rockstar. There would be a kitchen with ice cream and cupcake bars and every imaginable topping available. And just for funsies there would be two guys in one unicorn costume just trotting around shouting Neiiiiiigh all the time. Science take note, this is genius.

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