September 6, 2014: Start a University course….. again

Last year I began a university diploma in addictions however due to my own health and let’s be honest, laziness, I did not complete it. $600 poorly spent.

Well, I’ve done it again except a different course. Lately I’ve been very interested in “alternative” therapies such as art, music and horticulture. Talk therapy is of course important but I particularly enjoy working with an individual on task oriented therapy. It’s an easy way to incorporate skill building, networking and self confidence into the therapeutic process.

My own readings lately have involved permaculture and self sustainability of food agriculture. Essentially a natural and sustainable way to support oneself by producing your own food. With those interests and employment interests in mind, I have selected a certificate course called Urban Sustainable Agriculture. Unfortunately like all University courses in countries that do not provide it for free, the course is rather expensive. One $600 course at a time, I will get through.

For myself, I look forward to increasing my own food production without use of pesticides. For my employment, I don’t know where it will lead but there are options. Horticulture is a bit of a lost art that is a specialized and important skill to learn. In terms of horticultural therapy, community gardens are a means to providing food sustainability to low income citizens and encourages engagement for marginalized populations. It can also be an opportunity for aforementioned populations to learn new skills and earn an income.

The course starts in just over a week and I’m rather excited about it. We’ll see how excited I am when I’m working on it for 12 hours a week.

Here I grow again! *collective moan*

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