September 7, 2014: try sleeping pills

My sleep lately has been horrible and filled frequent wake ups. I used to be a great sleeper. Ideally I’m an eight to nine hours a night kind of gal and ever so occasionally a couch nap sometime during the day. I love sleep, it’s my favourite. I don’t know why the help my body is fighting something it loves so much. If you love it, you should do it!

I saw my doctor Friday for a form and I mentioned my terrible anxiety due to lack of sleep. Now I have prescription sleeping pills. Zopiclone? Something like that anyway. A google search tells me it’s illegal in many countries. That fact alone should tell me something. Regardless, I took one last night and holy fuck what a glorious sleep I had!!!! 11pm to 7:30am with not a single wake up. It was like reuniting with an old friend. You just click and you’re so happy to remember all the good times you’ve had together. You remember how much they mean to you and how much you’ve missed them. You say “let’s keep in touch” even though you know it may be awhile before you see them again. It was really a good fucking sleep. I want to write poetry about it.

I know they’re addictive and to be used as a PRN and so I will have to be conscious of my use. With that said I will take another tonight in hopes of getting my body back into some sort of glorious routine. I am jealous of cats with all their many naps. Also their internet fame. And simplistic love of boxes.

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