September 11, 2014: Take a COLD shower and other updates

Apparently there are scientific studies to show the benefits of taking cold showers.  Here are the top 8 benefits as per science.

1. It helps with breathing

2. It boosts immunity

3.  It improves circulation

4. It’s a natural anti-depressant

5. It strengthens you mentally and physically

6. It has an anti-ageing effect on the skin

7. It reduces inflammation

Faithful readers know I’m all about trying anything that is a natural anti-depressant, BUT I also enjoy very long and very hot showers. My first thought of a cold shower was In 1999 when I went to Belize and I remember when the plane landed and we walked down that set of stairs onto the tarmac that the air was so hot and thick that you chew it rather than breathe it. After a day of sweating in that weather I told myself how amazing it was going to feel to have a very cold shower.  When my time to shower finally came I ran it cold and remember it being incredibly unpleasant.  In the end my desire for a cold shower faded and the warm one was pure delight.

My past shower experience aside, I was ready to try it again. As I take very long showers I couldn’t do the whole thing cold or I would surely suffer from hypothermia so I did cold shower for phase two only. Yes, my shower happens in phases.  I have a well planned shower routine and phase two was cold time. Strange as it sounds I actually enjoyed it.  It woke me up and I spent my hair drying time dancing so that’s a good sign.  More scientific research is required but so far so good.


Fantastic news for those eagerly waiting in anticipation.  That contest I entered in day 174? Yeah he won! He’ll be featured in a calendar because he’s so goddamn handsome.

Those Tarot cards I did September 2, 2014? Complete and utter bullshit!!! Mind, I did read them improperly so I’ll give them one more chance.

Sleeping?  Well, I think not sleeping is just my life now.  I need to embrace it. Last night I had a dream about this Canadian show I used to watch called Tall Ship Chronicles. I don’t know where that dream came from, although I have been thinking about boats a lot maybe so that might be it.  Anyway, it’s a show about a voyage around the world on a tall ship called The Picton Castle and I really loved that show. My dream self got super excited to experience it again and so I woke up and tried to remember all of it.  It was so many years ago that my mind just made up most of it but we had an amazing journey.  I should scour the internet and try to find it somewhere because I think I’d like to watch it again. Think of the kegs of booze and awesome outfits I could wear as a sailor.

I went to a visitation today for the client that we recently learned passed away.  Although I think I knew this already, today reinforced the fact that I am completely useless in situations of death. Myself and some co-workers attended knowing that for confidentiality sake we couldn’t really explain to the family how we knew the deceased.  It’s awkward because the family knew them and you knew them, but you each knew different parts of them.  And you cannot be fully truthful as to how you knew them.  I tried to be as thoughtful and caring to the family as I could but I’m afraid I was about as useful as tits on a bull (my grandma’s favourite saying…. aside from her racist comments) Tomorrow morning is the funeral which I am attending.  I am attending to remember the person that I cared for and I am attending to support the friend that I love who knew them much better than I did.  I am also attending because my own client was friend’s with them.  They became friend’s through our program.  My client’s words to me were (as a 50 something year old ) I’ve never had a best friend before, but if I ever had, it would have been” them. Tomorrow will be a sad day.

I have rediscovered my love for whiskey.  A good, smooth whiskey.  I don’t want to say I”m using it to cope, but it is certainly not doing me any harm right now.  Hello whiskey my old friend:  It’s been awhile.  I’ve missed you.  You’re as great as everyone says you are.  Have I told you that I’ve missed you?


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