September 19, 2014: I’ve got the iphone 5s now it’s time to buy it some presents so it feels loved

I love having a camera on me at all times but my beautiful Cannon E0S 60 D with 15mm-200mm lense is just too big.  Whenever I go on vacation I carry it with me always and after a 12 hour day of walking around New York City my shoulder gets hella painful. It’s also awkward to shove in a beach bag (not that it stops me). Now that I have my iphone 5s which has a better camera than my idinophone 4 I’ve decided to step it up a notch.

I’m going to New York City in a month or so and I want this to be my first time without taking my camera.  That’s a big step for me. Sometimes being behind the lense of a camera gives me a false sense of bravery. The last time I went up the Empire state building purposely to take pictures and I wasn’t afraid at all.  I still want to be able to take decent pictures without my camera so I bought my phone a little present today.  A lovely set of iphone 5 lenses including a wide angle, fish eye and zoom.  Obviously the quality will not be the same as my Cannon, but it will be better than my iphone alone. I did some research and read some reviews and decided on the photojojo set. The website alone is enough to give any amateur photography lover multiple orgasms. Here is the set I decided on:

My faith in the USPS is rather low after an incident earlier this week but my hope is that ordering 5 weeks in advance of my trip should be sufficient. My instagram is gonna be amahzing!

Do you know what I’d like to know?  I suspect not, but I’d like to know if the moment I hit shuffle on my music if my phone has already decided in advance which order to play all of the songs or if it decides on the next song immediately after playing the previous song.  I think about this a lot and I feel I really need an answer.  Where is Steve Jobs when you need him?  Too soon?

Jesus Christ.  Kids LITERALLY do not ever shut up. Mommy loves you kids, but please shut the fuck up.

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