September 21, 2014: make a fairy house. I fucked up so you don’t have to

I am a big fan of Pinterest even though I know I will probably never do half of
The things I’ve pinned. Lately I’ve been seeing an awful lot of pins about fairy houses and accessories. I’m torn between thinking they are teeny tiny little adorable things and being annoyed at myself for thinking that they are teeny tiny adorable things.

Not wanting to spend any money or read how to make them, I set out yesterday to make one. I found a plastic bottle in my recycle bin and cut
The top off and a little door opening. I wanted to get it done quickly so I fired up my hot glue gun. This I learned was a mistake. Apparently hot glue melts plastic. Who knew? Next I brought out the gorilla glue. The lid was glued closed on my bottle so I dumped it out and planned to apply it with a stick.


With the stick I though I would avoid any messes. This was a lie. The bottle of gorilla glue says to wear gloves. It’s right, you should wear some damn gloves. My right hand is covered in dirt that stuck to the glue which won’t come off. Now when I rub my finger tips over fabric it feels all catchy and rough. It’s unpleasant. Wear the gloves.
I glued on the rocks and filled sand in the cracks.


Being impatient I tried to do too much at once and all the rocks slid off. Gorilla glue is strong but doesn’t dry quickly so this project was rather time intensive. I had to do a bit at a time, wait to dry and then move on.
Here it is all done. I stole moss from my front steps and the rocks I used to glue on the house was aquarium gravel.


It’s happened. I’m one of those people now. I’m one cat and a pair of knitting needles away from being crazy craft lady. I need to make a gnome zombie to cool it up a notch.

To the person who google searched “big dick with herpes” and was directed to my website: I’m sorry, you were probably were disappointed.

College roommates experiment. Sexy time fun.
(Just added that here to attract more viewers)

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