September 23, 2014: Attend a parent council meeting….. drunk

My children are in grade one and three and I have never been to a parent council meeting.  I am not one of those parent’s who makes their own hallowe’en costumes and attends all the school trips. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Over the years however there are certain things that I feel are lacking from the education system now.  When I look back to my own elementary and secondary days the only thing of real life value was reading, writing, basic math and typing. In addition to those things I think it’s essential for my children to learn problem solving skills, survival skills (including gardening, cooking, budgeting etc.) increased outdoor exploration and creative thinking.  I decided if my children are not receiving those things now, nothing will change unless I try to make it change. I had planned on attending tonight’s meeting but when I got home one whiskey turned into two.  My version of two whiskeys might possibly be someone else’s idea of four whiskeys. By the time the meeting rolled around I was on the fence of buzzed/drunk.  Focus, act sober.  You’re the coolest parent here, walk in and be awesome.

I made sure to brush my teeth and perfume up so I didn’t smell of whiskey. The room was all women, all clean cut, cardigan wearing, make you an afternoon snack after school moms. Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely people who are supportive and want the best for their kids, but I have no doubt that I was the only red haired, tattooed pre whiskey meeting mom there.

I’m 90% confident that my tipsiness went un-noticed, especially since the meeting was two hours and soberness increased along the way. I was new so I made sure not to intervene too frequently however I did make a few points along the way which I think were quite well received.  Somehow I have agreed to become a voting member of the group.  Who am I?  I don’t get involved in things!  I don’t participate!  Jesus, what have I done?!

On another note I have decided that I want to plan a photography expedition to Detroit to take pictures of abandoned buildings.  The problem is of course that I need to find an equally enthousiastic friend to participate with me.  Preferably one with automatic locking car doors and good running shoes.

So today another interesting web search attracted a new viewer.  “Fuck grandma pictures”  I have no idea why that one came up, but friend I don’t think this is the site for you.  Also, please consider seeking some counselling.

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