September 30, 2014: share my psychic powers with the world

I don’t think I believe in psychics. With that said, I think I’m a little psychic.

I don’t know which of the things I say or do will have any connection to others or the future. I think I just need to hone my talent. Most people probably think that it’s sheer coincidence, but it happens too often to me for it to be coincidence.

Last Friday I brought up three separate thoughts with people which were random to me but had been something they were already thinking about. Friday’s psychicness culminated when I said “imagine the car didn’t start?” And then it didn’t. I was given a disgruntled look as though it was my fault. Sunday for the first time in a couple years I decided to trim the hedges around the fire hydrant on my lawn. This morning at 6am some city workers came around and opened up the hydrant to test it. Things like this happen to me regularly, more regularly than they happen to everyone else I think.

There are a handful of things that I am confident will happen at some point. Some involve me and another involves someone I know. I won’t share these things because I don’t want to be blamed for willing something to happen. I’m also convinced that at some point in life I will be a witness to someone killing themselves in a dramatic fashion (building/bridge/in front of train jump) maybe I just have a fucking weird brain that thinks of so many scenarios that some of them are bound to come true.

Other updates time:
Yesterday my package from photojojo came in (my new phone lenses). The outside of the package had this sticker on it:

I opened the package and dug around until I found it. It’s possible I was more excited about the dinosaur than the rest.

I’ve tried two of the lenses so far and they are amazing! They are very tiny though so anyone with man hands might have a hard time maneuvering them.

Remember that : have a new kid by Friday book that I ordered? That came in the mail yesterday too and it was very thin. It’s a companion book to a DVD but doesn’t come with a DVD. And it’s churchy!!!! Those important bits were not advertised. Amazon for shame!!!!!

Maybe if I really was psychic I should have already known that 🙂

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