October 15, 2014: become one of those people who buys a costume for their dog

It’s finally happened. I’ve become that person who takes the time to shop around and select a costume for their dog. I had actually preferred the dog ewok costume but held out for something better from the next store. That was a mistake. There is nothing better than an ewok. I got the next best thing, a velociraptor.


I write this after having slept only a few hours last night. This Effexor induced insomnia is getting really old. Last night it was so bad that I had my breakfast around 3:30am, did some laundry and took out the garbage. Every Time I lay down my brain just won’t shut off. It’s amazing the things that I think about really. Last night it was about creating a survival/emergency kit. I planned out what to include and where I should buy the items I needed. I also reviewed survival tips in my head. When I finally fell asleep about 5am (one hour before my alarm was to go off) I dreamt that I had travelled to South Korea which in my dream seemed much like Tokyo. I was witness to a police standoff where the gunman finally just jumped to his death from the glass bridge he was on. I went for a drive to see the sights and popped in a Black crows cassette, then I went shopping and the clothes were all women’s hello kitty underwear, fake Swarovski jewelry and pin on raccoon tails. Is that racist? Am I a dream racist?! Today at work was hectic and in the afternoon my eyes began to burn like dry fire. At 4:17 I decided to close them just for a second to relieve the pain. I don’t think I fell asleep but when I opened my eyes again I felt a little disoriented. I have taken to my own herbal sleep aid tonight in hopes of finding relief. Sadly my lighter died after a couple of flicks
Though. Damn it universe, give an awesome chick a break. I absolutely need to sleep tonight or I’m going to be an insane mess tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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