October 21, 2014: start prepping for a zombie apocalypse

Now that I am aware of my non existent-mild psychic powers I need to respect them and believe that thoughts come into my head for a reason. On two occasions my mind went to survival scenarios today; once when participating in my urban sustainable agriculture course discussion and a second time at work when phones and computers were down and we discussed the 2003 North American east coast black out.

Why twice in one day? It’s enough for me to feel the need to be more thoughtful in my knowledge and prepared with the right tools. Sure, I know how to create a crude water filter for an emergency and I know how to make a clay pot refrigeration system using evaporation, But is that enough to survive? No, probably not. I don’t carry cash or have a pantry full of preserves. I also don’t know how to catch a squirrel (sorry small friends but this vegetarian would have to survive somehow). While I don’t actually envision a zombie apocalypse, a black out or natural disaster are quite feasible. By the way, for emergency short term use your own home can provide you with safe drinking water in the reservoirs of your toilets and in the hot water tank (there is a release valve at the bottom) you’re welcome!

I don’t think I will become one of the extremists or “preppers” as they’re called, but I certainly could be better prepared than not at all. Some neighborhoods actually coordinate their prepping efforts with different families acting as specialists in certain areas (medical, gardening etc). For now I have bought two survival books and some flint stone. That seems like a practical tool to have. I could start 1,000 fires for the low price of $1.49!!!!!
I didn’t buy one but those para-cord bracelets seem pretty popular, and oh so fashionable! Maybe Santa will put a pink one in my stocking.

You might be laughing now but it will be me who’s laughing when I sit on a hot summers day sipping my cold clean water while I watch you slowly suffer from dehydration and heat stroke.


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