October 25, 2014: try a bidet

The hotel I’m staying in tonight has a bidet and there is no way I was going to not try it.

Really a bidet makes sense. If you got shit on any other part of your body, on your arm say… You wouldn’t just wipe it off and say “yeah, good enough”. You would be washing that shit off your arm properly.

The dial had two settings, various levels of “wash” and various levels of “nozzle cleaning”. I decided “wash” was probably what I was looking for. Apparently I was not accurately positioned because cold water sprayed all up my back. I slid myself back and there it was, cold and wet all up in and around my business.

I tried “nozzle cleaning” next and the spray went straight down into the toilet. I put my face down there for a closer look and absent mindedly kept turning the knob. This resulted in a refreshing ass spray in the face.

Ass spray in face aside, my ass does feel quite pleasant right now. So clean. such refresh. Wow.

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