October 27, 2014: tour Madison square garden

In case Madison square garden didn’t have enough money already…. They host several tours daily for a nominal charge. I became one of those people that pay that nominal charge.

While I write this somewhat sarcastically it was actually almost interesting. We chose the tour day on a day that the Rangers were playing which meant practice would be underway. I think that if the practice wasn’t happening I would have been highly disappointed with this tour.

We were able to see the boxes and fancy parts of the arena I could never afford to sit in normally. I wish I could have farted in a fancy seat but of course I had the travelers bum.




The concessions are filled with NYC classics like Carnegie deli and Jean-George’s, no KFC for these New Yorkers. They have an original Zamboni.


The Rangers had finished their practice and the Wild were in session.

We were rink side for some of the practice but they had security there to make certain that we didn’t take any pictures. *cough* bullshit *cough*

On the way out some Knicks “dancers” we’re on their way in.


The highlight of the tour really was after being searched, my daughter pretended to search me herself while we waited in line. She decided to announce that I had a “hidden gun”. Sadly no police take down ensued. “Officers please, no. Stop. Ohh, yesss. Mmm”

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