November 1, 2014: watch Lost

Yesterday I had news of two aunts. My mothers sister (one of her 17
Siblings) had a brain hemorrhage and was not expected to survive. An aunt in law tried to kill herself and is now in the psychiatric hospital. My old ward even, keep it in the family! My hemorrhage aunt while sad, did not effect me much as I haven’t seen her in about 20 years. Plus she seems to be doing better. My aunt in law I had planned to visit today and bring sleazy magazines that required no effort but in then end I didn’t go. I don’t know if I just got tired and couldn’t be bothered or if I decided that she wouldn’t want to see me. We’re not that close and I remember when I was there that there was quite a number of people that I would not have wanted to visit me. I don’t want to be that person who makes someone uncomfortable or stressed when they should be relaxing and focussing on themselves.

With yesterday being Halloween I had wanted to watch a scary movie. This is unlike me given that I hate scary movies but it seemed fitting. In the end I fell asleep on the couch surrounded by Reese peanut butter cup wrappers.

That made tonight the night. I wanted to watch the shinning, even though I was told that you really should read the book first. People watch Harry Potter and the hunger games without reading the books first and they still enjoyed them. Even though of course I personally would not recommend that because the movies really do omit a lot.
The shinning was not on Netflix so it was ruled out. Ever since Napster, limewire and that other newer one that I used were shut down I don’t download free stuff anymore. I don’t adapt well to change and am not technically savvy so I chose Lost instead because it was on Netflix and was only 42 minutes long.

When lost was first on (apparently 10
Years ago!) I couldn’t watch it because it was too scary for me. That music makes it seem like something is going to jump out at you. As a fear of flying girl, that pilot episode is horrific. That turbulence, those oxygen masks, Jesus. And what the fuck happened to the pilot in the cockpit they found? It certainly sounds like a dinosaur. Shaking those trees and roaring like that? Yeah, definitely a dinosaur. You heard it here first: Lost is about a plane crashing on an island full of hungry dinosaurs.

Oh, and if Matthew Fox cut his hair just a bit shorter, he could party my five any day.

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