November 3, 2014: get the flu shot

This is not entirely factual. Remember that year when we were all warned to get the H1N1 vaccine or face certain horrible death of everything and everyone you know and love? I did it. I don’t know why I gave into the fear mongering but I did. I waited with my children in line for at least two hours. Two hours! What happened with H1N1? Nothing. The earth is still intact.

I have never gotten the flu shot before because I haven’t felt the need. I am not one of those high risk individuals that the flu could be deadly for. The benefits don’t seem to outweigh the potential risks. I don’t know why I did it. Perhaps I was bored and wanted to get away from my desk. Actually I think that’s it. A nurse stabbed me with a cocktail of chemicals with a syringe so I could get away from my desk.

The form you have to go through before hand asked about formaldehyde allergies. I did stop and question out loud about the health value of injecting an embalming fluid into my body. The nurse advised me formaldehyde is found in many everyday items that we don’t ever know about. Hardly reassuring. I also had her define “neurological impairment” before moving on. As it happens I don’t have one.

Unknowingly i tensed up and had to be told to relax my arm. I hate the feeling of foreign objects traveling into your bloodstream. I could never be an injection drug user. My arm is sore and all I can think of is that Mrs. Frizzle shrunk the bus and is now traveling through my body teaching her students how to spread sickness and carcinogenic chemicals. I’ve made a huge mistake.


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