November 5, 2014: Have a salon try to poach you

I was walking around Toys R us this evening looking as fabulous as one can while walking around Toys R Us when a skinny man carrying a murse/messengerbag/carryall/boysack approached me. He asked me which salon I go to.  I told him the name of the salon and then without any further prompting, I  began to tell him about how much I like it there and about the Elumen line of hair colour. He said, well the reason I ask is because I’m (insert mans name that I forget) and I own (insert name of salon that I forget) and I was looking to invite some women for free salon services however I can tell that you are already loyal to your salon.

I think the real story here is that he was in awe of my appearance from afar and wanted to lure me into a pornography ring however once he heard me he thought “DAYUM, gurl never shuts up” and made his escape as quickly as he could.

I tend to make men as uninterested in me as possible without any effort whatsoever. What a skill!

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