November 6, 2014: Eat lunch at a social enterprise

Today I ate lunch at an amazing restaurant run by a Christian group (although if you hadn’t read up about it you would have no idea it was religiously based) this social enterprise provides skill building opportunities for individuals in need of experience and even runs and after school homework club. What I like best about it is it’s button exchange program. On the counter sits two large jars of buttons. One jar is for those who can’t afford to buy a meal to pay with buttons instead. Each button is worth $1 and you can use as many as you need. The other jar of buttons was for people who wanted to buy buttons to place in the other jar for people who needed them ($1 to buy) For $15 I got a grilled cheese sandwich, vintage looking bottle of root beer and curried potato and leek soup with a scone and bought 8 buttons to put in jar for someone in need.

The restaurant was an inclusive space with a mix of those paying with buttons and those paying with cash. The family style tables promote friendly conversation and provide a comfortable atmosphere. Probably one of the only restaurants where you could see a lawyer and a homeless person eating at the same table. The food was great, decor was modern vintage and the feeling of helping others by shoving food in your food hole is pretty awesome.




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