November 7, 2014: buy some motherfucking sea-monkeys!!

I really love aquariums a lot. I find them incredibly relaxing and enjoyable to watch as everything goes about with their little aquatic lives in their little aquatic world. I especially love cichlids and fat goldfish, they’re so friendly and curious. Alas aquariums are high maintenance and so I don’t have one.

I expect my sea-monkeys aka brine shrimp won’t be nearly as entertaining to watch but their low maintenance makes up for it. Here it is, freshly shipped from Amazon.


Fool proof directions:


There’s an executive sea-monkey kit?!! Dammit!!!


I’ve decided they will live on the right side of my desk as it is the most “natural”.


I have a few unanswered questions about these little fellows like what if they breed so much that I have to get a second tank? Will my desk end up covered in tanks? How long do they live? How do I clean their little home? Or will they all be dead before I have to clean it? I’ll find out I guess.

I’ve realized that I haven’t watched tv all week so tonight I’m excited to have some whisky (I have recently learned that whisky is not spelled “whiskey”) and watch Game of Thrones. I’m incredibly behind and will start season three tonight. Winter is coming bitches.

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