November 12, 2014: transform that booze into a trip

Yeah so, I signed up for Air Miles but I couldn’t put that in the title now could I? Let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time to read about that. Nor do I want to write about it.

I’m sure everyone had their calendars marked so this should come as no surprise….. Today was the day the nectarine seeds (see August 12, 2014 post) were awoken from hibernation. They came out of the container a little more moist than I had expected. I planted them in a pot at work. It was the pot of a murdered peace Lilly. There is a chance it wasn’t pre-meditated, it might have been more like plantslaughter. I’ve given up on the half assed investigation I had launched so I guess we may never know.

Some of the sea monkeys have hatched (see November 7, 2014) but they re still very tiny so I have a hard time even finding them (that’s what she said)

Yesterday I ruined the Veterans Day/remembrance day moment of silence at work. I was oblivious to it all and was loudly speaking to a client on the phone. When I got off the phone I saw my supervisor standing up so I asked her what she was doing. She hand motion shushed me but instead of shushing I said “what’s happening? What’s going on?” The director who was present was kind enough to fill me in. Classic me.

Work has been a sonofbitch this week. Yesterday I went five brownies deep. I didn’t do a porno, I ate five brownies. This evening I used my key pass to try and get into my house. I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring. Not really. Suck a hairy cock IBM.

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