November 15, 2014: Make and savour a salty Chihuahua (or two)

A salty Chihuahua is a drink in case you were uncertain. Another beautiful Pinterest find (I go by lazyanxiousgirl on Pinterest as well for those who would like to see my awesomeness in another forum)

Step 1: make sure it is past noon. Check.
Step 2: use a fresh lime to moisten your glass rim.
Step 3: put some salt (I prefer chunky freshly milled sea salt) in the bottom of a small bowl and salt your glass rim. Salt it good.
Step 4: pour yourself a generous about of tequila in your glass. I’m not rich so no Patron for this girl, gold Jose Cuervo all the way.
Step 5: top off the rest of the glass with lemonade.
Step 6: it’s Saturday, have some fun and put a fucking straw in that bitch.

Step 7: savour (mmmmm so good) some of you might want it on ice, personally I don’t like anything that waters down my drink in there, but you’re your own person so do what you like.
Step 8: repeat.

I haven’t actually made it to step 8 yet, I’m on step 7. I probably will do step 8 a few times so I’ll come back to update more later.

2:18pm, two Chihuahuas in. I’ve painted a snail. I’m pretty into snails right now.


4:15: because you can’t stay away from social media when intoxicated: reconnect with a high school fiend/potential boyfriend. (I don’t mean current potential boyfriend FYI)Talk about the mixed tape you made him.

8:10: I watched “the graduate”. Are you going to Scarborough fair
Sounds an awful lot like a recipe. Also
The whole movie is complete shit until Dustin Hoffman start swinging around that cross. No more chihuahuas for me!
You don’t even want to know how much I have bitten the inside of my cheeks tonight.

Update: past midnight: tequila is NOT a good Saturday afternoon drink!!!!!

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