November 21, 2014: take a sleeping pill. Keeping writing until you fall asleep

I wrote the following last night. I apparently thought it would make a good blog. It’s ridiculous. I fell asleep hitting the screen. For your entertainment:

For the first time in all my 10 years at work we were allowed to do overtime. I stayed until 6. I got home with a banning head headache so I took out my milk maid braids and popped some pain killers. I also took a sleeping pill about half an hour ago to ensure I am well rested.

My blinks aye starting to get to the point where it might be seen as 5 second power naps.

I just had my eyes closed and I heard my boss voice say my mothers name. That’s weird.

Bigger eye close this time. I saw a field of hay. A mother kicked the kid down the hill.

Got up to use the bathroom. I stumbled, feels like I was intoxicated .

It’s getting harder to fight the steady
Push of sleep coming toward me.

I farted under my blanket. Leftover bean stew fart. It’s brought me some new awareness.

I can’t have been out long. Only seconds but I remember seeing ladies in dresses with the lit cats.

Top of a wall. Guy in charge is weaering a long scarf. More has happened. I forget in

Mjj iOS devices to

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