November 29, 2014: discover your house is trying to kill you

I’ve made a huge mistake. Everyone has heard the saying “ignorance is bliss” and I suppose it’s true. There’s something to be said for being uneducated in a certain subject and happily continuing on in your little life as though as is well. Apparently I’m not the ignorance is bliss kind of girl.

Last week I read an article saying that radon in homes is the highest leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. I’d heard of radon before, that unscented gas that seeps through your basement caused by decaying rocks which creates uranium. Any basement can be at risk. I pushed it aside the first time I heard about it. This time I didn’t. I remembered that a couple years after moving to our 1940’sish house we discovered we had lead water pipes outside. One contractor, many bottles of water and thousands of dollars later we fixed it. Given our old leaky basement, I just knew. I should have stuck with ignorance is bliss. But nooooo, I had to go online and research the most affordable and accurate radon detectors and then buy one.

If you live in Europe who have higher standards in virtually all aspects of life, anything over 100 bq/m3 is unacceptable. In North America where they enjoy sugar, guns and fatty foods, the level of acceptable is 200bq/m3. Well my house is 235. Twofuckingthirtyfive. I’m dying. My house is killing me. I probably have fucking cancer right now. Fuck you cancer.

In the interim until I can afford the $1,500-$4,000 to fix the problem I’m thinking I’ll just buy lots of air cleaning plants. Turn my house into a fucking rain forest of fresh air. I’ll spray a water bottle in the air and play soothing monkey sounds. Everything will be okay.


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