December 2, 2014: Participate in Giving Tuesday

Conversation I had yesterday:

Me: Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday
Stranger at the bus stop*: What’s Giving Tuesday?
Me: It’s a day where you do something good for humanity, your neighbours, a charity or whatever you can do that’s helpful to someone else.
Stranger at the bust stop: I’d like to give you my penis for Giving Tuesday.

* Names changed to protect privacy

Thus far I’d like to note that I have received no penis.

Last night I had a terrible dream which lasted half a lifetime and although I find it very interesting, as with all dreams, no one really likes to hear about them. The short version is my dream caused me an incredible amount of anxiety and panic and I woke up not feeling rested at all. I spent my morning feeling pretty low and wanting to do nothing but lying around. I was quite successful at being depressed and cuddling with my cat and a soft blanket so you know, there’s that. I had forgotten to take my pills and as of six hours after I should have taken them my body started to go into withdrawal. For those who haven’t experienced withdrawal from an anti-depressant it makes your brain and body feel twitchy. Typically it takes longer than six hours after a missed dose though, Thanks Effexor! By lunch time I dragged myself out of bed and reminded myself that it was giving Tuesday and not taking Tuesday. My bank account is currently in a very sad state of affairs so my giving could not consist of any sort of donation.

I chose to call my grandmother. This probably doesn’t seem like a big thing and I suppose really it isn’t but she lives about five hours away so I see her about twice a year and talk to her about five times a year. I listened very intently when she told me about my aunt stealing all her jewelry and that the neighbours had a key to her house (they don’t) which is why she couldn’t come to visit this Christmas because they would steal her things while she was gone. Then the real problem came out, she said she didn’t want to come because it was her first Christmas since my grandpa died and she didn’t want to depress anyone by crying all the time. She also said that she felt like everyone else had someone but she didn’t anymore and she didn’t want to be a “Fifth Wheel”. I don’t know if I was successful in saying anything that was very helpful but I hope at least I brought her some companionship.

Next Giving Tuesday choice, volunteer to help at my children’s school on Thursday morning with a Christmas fundraiser. I don’t do stuff, I don’t participate so this is kind of a big deal. I’m off the rest of the week though so there will be plenty of time for me to lull about with my soft blanket and cat.

It’s not too late if you haven’t done anything yet. It doesn’t have to be a big something. If you have money, donate it, if you have time, say something nice or do something for someone. If you don’t have any money or any time, you should probably evaluate your life priorities.

Now, please take 6 seconds out of your life to enjoy this little moment of fabulous:

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