December 14, 2104: watch a documentary and get inspired for some art

Today was a relatively good day. I broke up the chores I had to do throughout the day with things I wanted to do. I found it didn’t take the exhausting emotional tole it usually does when I spend hours at a time completely things. It’s too bad real life doesn’t work that way, I think I’d be much happier. I think it would be frowned upon at work if I asked for a movie break mid-day in exchange for staying later.

One of my afternoon rewards for chore completion was to watch a documentary called “I am” by director Tom Shadyac. The synopsis without ruining it for anyone is about answering the question “what’s wrong with the world today”. I learned a few interesting facts about animal behavior and about the effects the human heart can have on living things surrounding the body. Quite fascinating really. In the end I found the film to be beautiful and inspirational.

I hadn’t felt much like doing any art at all this past week but after seeing the film I was inspired to whip a little something up. Simplistic but I’m rather pleased with it.


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