December 17, 2014: channel your inner teen, and watch Scrooged

And by inner teen I mean I’m drinking Mikes hard lemonade. This drink was very popular circa 1997 when us kids were watching Titanic and getting butterfly tattoos on our backs (don’t judge me) my first sip of mikes tonight made me think id made a huge mistake but now 2/3rds in I think it might not be so bad. I also listened to Sophie b. Hawkins. We love tacos!

Vagina steaming update: remember when I steamed my vagina? Well this round of my Crimson tide has lasted FOREVER! I didn’t fully believe in the power of vagina steaming when it said it does a cleansing of your uterus, but I am now a vuliver! Everytime I think it’s over it’s like “surprise motha fucka!!”

Unrelated but important: I don’t like dogs with carts for their limp back legs. They make me feel sad.

Now to watch the 1988
Christmas classic Scrooged starring Bill Murray for the very first time. True story.

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