December 19, 2014: drink like the rock star you are

Gold in my drink motha fucka!! Everyone likes to pretend that looks don’t matter but they do. Sometimes I judge books by their covers and sometimes I buy booze based on appearances. Usually booze judging is by the label but this time I was pulled in by the levitating gold flakes. Smirnoff golden apple vodka get in ma belly!!!!

I bought it without any thought for what it should actually be mixed with. The internets had surprisingly few suggestions so I used a little trick I learned in Aruba. Vodka goes with champagne! Shot of vodka, fill the glass with champagne. Look how gorgeous

Today at work a colleague who has worked there at least 10 more years than I have took me aside today and said thank you for some things I said during a meeting yesterday. She said I always say the things she is thinking and wished she had my courage
to say. While it’s not really a big deal, it
kind of is for me. I’m very proud of myself and the progress I’ve made with regards to speaking my mind. I used to be very quiet and withdrawn but despite all my anxiety I have overcome and made a name for myself as someone who speaks their mind.

If I don’t have gold flakes in my shit tomorrow I will be disappointed.

I feel like it is also my responsibility to tell you that when you combine vodka with champagne you will get really loaded really fast. Be careful, in Aruba you might get really hot and decide that you should take off all your clothes and feel up some lesbians by the pool. I’m not saying that this happened to me, but seriously, it happened to me. Be careful of vodka and champagne and naked lesbian cocktails. Godspeed.

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