December 28, 2014: lazyanxiousgirl a year in review with stats, for those who like stats

I started this blog on January 1st 2014 with the goal of trying at least one new thing each day however part way through the year I decided to put less pressure on myself  and post only when I felt inclined to do so.  In the end I ended up with a total of 286 posts (not including this one and tbd if I post any more in the next three days) That falls short of my 365 goal however I’m still quite pleased with it.  I wanted to do this for myself, but in the end gained many regular followers and some occasional visitors so to all of you who were a part of my madness this year, thank you. I have a few new ideas for revamping and additions for next year but i’m hesitant to do them just yet.  I know that I get a little anxious (to put it mildly) when some of my regular websites change formats and layouts and I’m hesitant to inflict that on anyone else.  Although it is possible that I am the only crazy person who has that reaction.

As promised: Stats for those who like stats:

Top 5 countries by views of 2014:

1. Canada

2. United States

3. Brazil

4. United Kingdom

5. Italy

Top 5 posts of 2014:

1. September 1: An average girl’s thoughts on porn and general sex tips

2. Day 112: Get naked in a public change room

3. Day 68: You’re on vacation and intoxicated (really?! This is #3?)

4. Day 200 and onward: To crazy and back (The post which was originally before this was actually #2 however it has been deleted)

5. Day 38: Stop being so gross and take care of your damn self

No surprises I guess, people like sex, booze and crazy people. I should go have drunk sex with a crazy person and see if I break the internet.

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