December 30, 2014: Report someone online

I like Instagram a lot, I enjoy looking at other peoples pictures to see what inspires them and what they find interesting. Usually the pics are good but sometimes there’s falsely hash tagged pics purposely done for views. I’ve found there’s a lot of pictures of cutting when you look up #cats and lots of tits and ass under #bnw. The cutting is hard for me to look at but I don’t report it, those people are posting to get themselves some help or someone to talk to. The t & a, well I obviously appreciate that for the art that it is. I reported dick pics. It was a whole new gallery of recently uploaded dick pics. Now I don’t have a problem with dick pics per se, but these ones were not fit to be seen. If you’re a man and you shave, I’m down with that party BUT do not take pics with your 5 day dick scruff. Dick scruff deserves to be reported.

On a side note, my two male sea monkeys gang banged my one female. They fuck for three days straight and when one was done, the other took over for another three days. When I checked this morning one of the males was dead. Fucked to death, what a way to go.

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