December 31, 2014: fondu, never again

New Year’s Eve gave me my first fondu experience. A couple of my friends own THREE fondu sets so they brought them over and we feasted on all things cooked in oil and dipped in cheese. At first it’s very tasty and definitely fun but by the end when you’re very full you know you’ve overindulged.

I should have eaten more raw vegetables, like this tiny man carrot we found:

My problem was that in addition to the fondu the alcohol was flowing and then later on came greasy appetizers. I felt fine until 5am when I woke up and since then it’s been downhill. No fart can be trusted and I’ve thrown up my pills. My anxiety is building as I write, with my post alcohol pill effectiveness reduction and withdrawal from not having them will soon begin.
Oh god what have I done?!


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