January 3, 2015: Try a Jell-O shot

I am a very grown up person and have never tried a Jell-O shot before. They seem like one of those things that you try in your youth and then never again. In my youth we made watermelons soaked in booze but that was the extent of our creativity.

I became vegetarian when I was 22 and I avoided anything with gelatin like the plague. While I remain a vegetarian all these 14ishorso years later, my outlook on my choices has become a little more lax. I am not a preachy vegetarian, I don’t care what choices others make and I will only talk about being a vegetarian if I’m asked. Being a vegetarian for me isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being educated and making choices that I can feel good about. I have never nor will I ever eat meat purposely, with that said I have definitely eaten things with animal products in it.

I was at a friends place last night and he made Jello-O shooters for everyone. I’m well past the days of peer pressure but I know he put in an effort to make them and I had never tried one so I decided that I was going to do it. Apparently you’re just suppose to swallow them, but that seems like an incredible chocking hazard and so I chewed my shot. I wasn’t intoxicated enough to stop thinking about what I know so as I was chewing all I could think of was “animal hoofs and bones” and I felt sad when I swallowed (that’s what she said!) . I’ve decided that it was my first and last Jello-O shot.

I’m sorry for eating your family bro


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